$3.50 USD for access to the Kill Calculator

ASL Kill Calculator

A Browser-Based ASL Player Aid

The Kill Calculator will let you know the probabilities of the various outcomes when firing ordnance at a vehicle. As you can see in the examples below, the user specifies the two units involved, checks off which DRM's apply, and the program does the rest. Built in are error checks, to make sure you don't attempt to fire the Main Armament of a One Man Turret without first clicking the 'Button Up' DRM, for example. Each of the three possible aspects is included in the chart, so that you can make tactical decisions, such as how important getting a side shot is. Because the Calculator is browser based, it is accessible from any computer, tablet, or smart phone with internet access.

The fee to access the website hosting the Calculator is $3.50 USD. After payment, contact me via no_danger at charter.net, indicating what username and password you would like to use (letters and numbers only) and you will be added to the access file.

For comments, criticisms, well-wishes ... contact me at no_danger at charter.net

Input Section of the Calculator:

Output Section of the Calculator: